Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Undoing Racism

The best way to make change for children is to do it together: to bring the power of all Washington’s communities to the task of advocacy. That’s one reason why Children's Alliance honors diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, age, abilities, gender, and sexual orientation. We seek to reflect this diversity in the composition of our membership, board, committees, staff, and volunteers.

Institutional racism is the presence and persistence of programs, policies, or procedures that hurt Black, Indigenous and other people of color and help White people. Racist programs, policies, or procedures can be found in just about every organization or institution in the United States. Fortunately, organizations, like individuals, are able to change and grow.

We use a racial equity analysis to identify and further anti-racist policy solutions. We dedicate time in our staff and board meetings to better understand how racism shows up in the child-serving systems we seek to change—and within our own policies and practices. This work is challenging; it calls for each of us to be vulnerable and to take risks. We strive to handle the challenges with care and compassion, and learn from them together, because we believe these experiences are central to the change and growth that our mission demands.

Read Children’s Alliance’s statement in support of Black Lives Matter here.