Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

About Us

Young girl at a playground

You can count on the Children's Alliance to ask the critical question: "Is it good for kids?" And to fight hard to make sure the answer is yes. We're Washington's statewide, nonpartisan child advocacy organization.  

The Children’s Alliance is making policy work for kids in Washington State. Our approach continues to create results that change kids’ lives. We have a long history of setting and reaching ambitious goals.

We mobilize you and thousands more to make policy work for kids by taking action, speaking up, and giving donations that make change possible. We speak directly to decision makers and participate in the legislative process. We collaborate with like-minded organizations and leaders. We listen and learn from you, our allies, members, funders, and donors, and to the children and families who are directly affected by the policies we work on.

We believe that ending poverty is key to ensuring that every child can be safe and healthy and have a real chance at success. This is especially true for children of color, who are more likely than white children to live in poverty. In all of our campaigns we seek to identify and change the racial disparities and inequalities that are hurting kids.

The work of the Children’s Alliance is carried out by a talented and dedicated staff and board.

About 125 organizations make up the organizational members of the Children’s Alliance. Over 9,000 individuals are members of the online Children’s Action Network. We value our partners and funders who join with us to make policy work for kids.