Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Our Approach

The Children’s Alliance ensures that laws, policies and programs work for kids, and we hold our leaders accountable until they secure the resources required to make all children safe and healthy. Here’s how:


Advocacy: We make the case to the decision makers.

We are advocates for kids. The Children’s Alliance has a full time presence in Olympia, the state Capitol, during the legislative session. We believe in speaking directly to our elected officials and engaging fully in the legislative process to influence the policies that affect kids’ lives. We know that making policy work for kids involves more than changing laws. It takes dogged, consistent attention to make sure that the policies are fair and equitable. We work to monitor implementation of new laws. We use the legal system to make sure laws are put into action in ways that meet kids’ needs.  


Mobilization: We give people the tools to connect passion to action.

The Children’s Alliance mobilizes our members to impact decision makers. We believe that every one of us has the right and the responsibility to speak up for our kids and our communities. Children's Alliance members stay up to date on kids’ issues and take action at critical moments. Our annual Have a Heart for Kids’ Day rally and advocacy day draws hundreds of people who care about kids to the state capitol. The Children’s Alliance helps you live your beliefs, connect passion to action, and walk your talk.


Strategic Communications: We tell stories that change minds.

Our communications work illuminates the powerful ways that good policy changes kids’ lives for the better. We use stories, data and research to shine a light on the successes and failures of programs and policies that are supposed to serve and protect children. We connect the public and lawmakers to real stories of kids and their families whose lives are affected by public policy decisions. The goal of our strategic communications is to persuade decision makers and the public to support priorities that improve kids’ lives. We put kids in the center of the policy debate. Our expertise in multiple policy areas and track record of integrity make the Children’s Alliance a trusted media source.


Collaboration: We don’t work alone. 

The Children’s Alliance convenes coalitions of organizations and institutions that join together to craft and win policy changes. We believe that having a broad, inclusive base of organizations and individuals helps us craft wise policy recommendations and build a powerful movement. Coalitions like the Early Learning Action Alliance use its members combined expertise to develop legislative priorities, influence policy decisions and ensure that laws are implemented effectively.


Accountability: We are responsible to you.

The Children’s Alliance provides opportunities for families to get connected and take action on the issues impacting kids’ lives. We know that people raising kids and caring for kids have a profound understanding of the problems kids face. Advocacy Camp, our three-day training, is our major effort to develop the skills and leadership of people who care about kids. We also engage our membership each year to gather information that informs our legislative agenda. Each year at Have a Heart for Kids Day our members bring their stories, expertise and needs directly to lawmakers. We seek to hold ourselves accountable to organizations led by those who are most intimately affected by the issues we work on: people of color and low-income people.


Racial Justice: We work to undo the damage of racism

We choose policy priorities that create racial equality, undo the damage caused by racism and support families of color. In every one of our campaigns we seek to identify and reverse the racial disparities and inequalities impacting kids. Across the board, systems that are supposed to serve kids are falling short. And they fall a lot shorter in serving children of color. Fixing those inequalities is critical to fixing the systems overall, and is a basic issue of justice and fairness.

Our strategic plan calls for building a movement for children in Washington and creates an even sharper focus on poverty and racial equity. Download a copy of our Strategic Plan.