Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

What is essential for kids and families? Long-term investment in early learning

What is essential for kids & families?

Quality Early Learning programs are vital to young children and families. Preschool teachers need to be a part of advocacy groups, unions and other professional associations that give them a voice in policy-making and creating a longtime vision in our state.  

I am a longtime early education teacher who currently teaches at a cooperative preschool. I train the parents who volunteer in the classroom. With my guidance for the parents in the classroom and advocacy for the children and for my profession, outside of the classroom, I have found a win-win!  Early childhood education matters! Education does not begin at Kindergarten. Parents and teachers are natural allies and we must build our forces together! 

We must invest in early childhood education always!! If we don't, we will pay for it later.  

Thank you,  
Lauren T., King County

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