Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

What is essential for kids and families? Affordable, quality child care

What is essential for kids & families?

Working Connections Childcare is essential. Please don't make any cuts here. Already struggling families in Washington State would be devastated if this program were cut. Most parents I provide licensed childcare for (80%) are on this program. Many of them have to already make the choice between things like paying their power bill or buying groceries.   Our economy is the worst it's been in years but forcing parents to quit working if they lose childcare benefits will only add more people onto TANF. These are hard working parents trying their best to make ends meet in our State.  They are trying to get ahead and support their families, many with very low paying jobs. Forcing more people onto TANF by cutting childcare is not the answer Governor. Parents need help, not more worry.

-Kathy M., Klickitat County

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