Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020


Ten-year-old Antonio fell from the half-rocket one snow-covered day on the school playground. A trip to the local clinic and a set of x-rays confirmed that Antonio’s fall had broken his collarbone. But without health insurance, his parents couldn’t get a doctor to fix it.

Antonio faced the unsettling prospect of permanent damage from a very treatable injury.

“[The doctors at the emergency room] told me he needed a specialist,” says his mom, Ester. “They couldn’t do anything but tape him up so he was standing straight.”

After three days of searching—during which Antonio did his best to sleep while propped up on the couch—the family connected with Benton-Franklin Access. A care coordinator helped them apply for and receive medical coverage through Washington’s new Apple Health for Kids program.

Armed with coverage, the family located an orthopedic doctor who put Antonio on the road to recovery.

“My son was hurt and I felt helpless,” says Ester. “Now we feel such a sense of relief.”