Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Speak up for kids during elections

Vote for Kids


Elections matter. Those who win make policy decisions that affect your life, the life of a child you care about, and the lives of 1.5 million kids in Washington.

What kids need

1Sign the Vote For Kids petition to candidates for Governor, then ask your friends and family to do the same. You can also download a copy of our petition to take with you to meetings, community events and any place there will be people who support kids! 

2. Go to a candidate forum in your neighborhood. To find a candidate forum near you, check out our elections calendar. Let us know if we are missing any!

• Get started with our Frequently Asked Questions about candidates forums.

• Take along five great questions to ask candidates.

• Deliver our issue handout with space for you to write a personalized note to the candidates.

3. Share our positions on Referendum 74, Initiative 1185 and Initiative 502.

Questions or ideas about how to get more involved in this year's elections? Contact Pam Johnson, our elections organizer, and she'll be in touch. 

Our positions

In Washington state, elections are not only about choosing who will represent you. Elections make policy, too. Initiatives and referenda allow voters to change state law. The positions we have taken on ballot measures can help all families in our state thrive. 


Approve R74Vote APPROVE on Referendum 74

Because our public policies should enable all families to thrive, same-sex couples should be able to marry and provide their children with the same rights, benefits and protections available to opposite-sex married couples. Read our statement.


NO on I-1185

Vote NO on Initiative 1185

Initiative 1185 gives just 17 state legislators the power to block the reforms needed to create a sustainable future for Washington’s kids. Read our statement. 



YES on I502

Vote YES on Initiative 502

Current marijuana enforcement policy is failing children and families. Decades of study have proven the unequal treatment of communities of color in the criminal justice system, especially in enforcement of marijuana policy. Washington’s kids pay a terrible price for these persistent racial disparities. Read our statement.



Are you ready to vote? 

Register, update your address, or find out how you can restore your right to vote.  


Information for candidates

Running for office in Washington state? Equip yourself with what's at stake for kids in four key issue areas. 

Stay connected

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Children’s Alliance is working in partnership with 
Voices for America’s Children. Our work in Washington state is one piece of a nationwide effort to ensure candidates and voters put kids first in the 2012 elections. We do not endorse candidates or participate in partisan activities.