Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Why donate? 238 kids, every day.

Why give to the Children's Alliance during the Leadership Campaign?

All of us are living in a time of economic uncertainty. For that very reason it is a vital time to make a donation to the Children's Alliance.

You can give whatever amount is affordable to you. We just ask that you consider the extraordinary times we are in, and how much is at stake for Washington's kids.

Donate now, and you are protecting kids when they need you most.

Every day 238 new kids are born in our state. Each one needs us to fight for them from day one and through each of the days of their childhood. They can’t wait until after the recession to start learning, or for three healthy meals a day, or health coverage.

Even in tough times, lawmakers pass laws and the state spends money. It's our job to make sure they do so wisely - without sacrificing one child in the process.

It’s true, times are tough, but we’re tougher. We have to be.

We have promises to keep to kids:

That every child will have access to health coverage by 2010.

That no child in Washington will be hungry.

That our foster care system will be improved so that all children get a chance at a successful life.

That we will ensure that every child receives a rich early learning experience and begins kindergarten ready to learn.

When you give to the Children’s Alliance your gift is put to work to ensure that these promises are not forgotten when difficult budget decisions have to be made in Olympia.

Please join thousands of people like you and invest in kids, and the Children's Alliance, today.