Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

WE'RE IN THE NEWS: Don't Skimp on Kids


The Seattle Times invited the Children's Alliance and a handful of other organizations to write an oped giving state lawmakers advice for the upcoming session.

We urged them not to turn their backs on the children and families who need them most. "If we do," Executive Director Paola Maranan wrote, "we would only create problems that become costlier to solve down the road."

We call on our lawmakers to:

• Be as courageous as struggling families have to be today — raise substantial revenue.

• Protect programs that help families stay afloat during tough times.

• Don't forget that shortsighted decisions can and will make matters worse in the future.

Read our full oped>>

To read the other opeds that ran as part of "Washington's Budget Crisis: Balancing the Books," visit The Times' opinion page.