Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Welcome to our new website!

We hope it helps you connect to the Children’s Alliance and kids issues and put your beliefs into action.

Here you can find the latest news, get advocacy resources, find a training tool, take action for kids and more.

Looking for something in particular? Use the helpful search box on the upper right hand corner.

Above all this site is intended to make it as easy as possible for you to turn your passion for kids into the action they need.

There’s no better, more critical time to stand strong for kids. Every e-mail message to a legislator, every donation to fuel the movement, every conversation with a neighbor makes a difference.

The steady flow of bad economic news can cast a gloom over our hopes for kids. But, as I said at the Children’s Alliance annual meeting a few weeks ago, it’s the job of each of us, in these tough times, to keep hope and possibility in our hearts and actions. That is still our job. Times are tough, but we’re tougher. We have to be. Kids can’t wait until after this recession is over to grow up.

I think we can draw some hope from keeping a historical perspective. We have had deficits before. The state will still spend money. Every budget carries the possibility of doing good for kids. This one can, too.

What gives you hope? What is sustaining you through these tough times? Drop a note and help keep hope and possibility in all our hearts – kids are counting on it.