Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

We Rely on Play and Learn

My name is Bhuvane, and I live in Bellevue. I have a two year old who loves interacting with other kids in a fun environment. She has got some friends and is learning to enjoy their company and share with them while enjoying stories. If funding for Play and Learn is cut, we will miss the learning our kids get. It’s difficult to find a place where kids can play

and learn together where parents can be around in such a fun place. There won’t be any new learning for kids. Please support programs for kids. These are basic building blocks for them. We should not deprive them of the little happinesses of their life.

I am Nita Koh and I live in Bellevue and I rely on Play and Learn programs. My son Jacob has learned a lot about his world through this program through songs, stories and playtime. The social skills learned here definitely helps prepare him for life. If this program is cut my  children’s learning will definitely be losing out. We come regularly and he’s learned how to play and learn with other children. He’s taken big strides with this program and I have been very happy with it.

I live in Bellevue and I rely on Play and Learn. It has been good socialization for my daughter, new experiences, something to stimulate her indoors when weather is bad. My daughter looks forward to attending. We cannot afford to replace with preschool, so if the program was cut, she would miss out on socializing and the learning.

I am Chi Morehouse from Bellevue, and I am a Play and Learn program facilitator. Bellevue is said to be a city with rich people, but there ARE low income families galore!! There are many families who can’t let their children go to daycare, preschool. For those people, free play & Learn program is a great opportunity to help children obtain the skills of social pre-academic and motor skills etc.