Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Washington stays the course on kids' coverage

News is starting to emerge that a few states are faltering in their commitment to provide health coverage to kids. We're gratified to report that Washington is staying on the path to cover every child by 2010.

Sarah and her parents in Yakima are counting on access to affordable coverage starting January 1st:

Being born with a hole in your heart and cysts on one lung can make growing up really tough. Just ask Sarah. "Sometimes it’s hard because I can’t breathe and I want to ride my bike.” Read Sarah's story.

The number of uninsured kids has been dropping every since the Cover All Kids law went into effect in July, 2007. Given the tough times faced by families, this coverage is needed now more than ever. We're on the path to fulfill the promise of the Cover All Kids Bill. The expansion of coverage to waiting families is required by the law, and it's funded by the current budget.

Together we're going to see every child covered by 2010, and make history in our state.