Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

My story - an ECEAP teacher

I have been a teacher with the ECEAP program for almost 7 years now. I have worked in many Early Learning programs that provide a head start on learning but ECEAP truly provides a start for the whole family. We are truly making a difference so many ways.

Not only are the children having something consistant going on in their lives every day but the parents are getting their GED, taking ESL classes, asking for help in job searching and attending parenting classes to learn parenting skills.

We remind our families daily about their children's health appts. and keeping them current on their dental exams. Sometimes making and taking their children to the appts ourselves.

ECEAP is serving many families in need. The need becomes greater and greater each year. These children are our future!!! Please support and keep the ECEAP program going so our children have a healthy head start!!!

Thank you, Ginger Jendro Lower Columbia College Head Start/ ECEAP Teacher Longview, WA 98632