Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Early Learning = Basic Education

Seventeen organizations, including the Children's Alliance, have issued a statement to the Washington State Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance urging the members of the Task Force to include early learning in the revised definition of Basic Education.

"Washington State cannot ensure a basic education for all, let alone reach a higher goal, without ensuring that children gain the intellectual and social skills required for success in school prior to entering the K-12 system."

The statement details four shared principles developed by the stakeholders and includes a compelling, clear analysis of the role of early learning in creating an effective statewide system of basic education.

The state's Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance is meeting in Olympia today and tomorrow to consider this input as they work to develop a new definition of basic education and a financing proposal.

For more information you can read the Stakeholder Statement Regarding Early Learning and Basic Education or contact Leslie Dozono, Children's Alliance Early Learning Policy Coordinator.