Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Afterschool programs are vital to our community.

Submitted by Mary Schilling - Our community is receiving State sponsored 21st Century after school money. This support is vital to the youth of our community. We live in a very challenging region (remote, lack of services, low tax base due to Federally owned land, high poverty level).

We have been fiscally responsible with the money and have established strong, successful programs that are valued by the youth and families. With out this financial assistance we will not be able to fund after school programs and there is no alternative organization within 50 miles that offers this type of service.

Some of our programs are relatively sustainable, we continue to work on this important aspect. At the same time, the man hours that are required to constantly develop, improve, train, find additional funding, and evaluate programs requires financial support from grants like our 21st Century grant. Please help us continue to support our youth at this important time.
thank you!