Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Action: Join the Virtual Rally

Proposed cuts in the state budget slash entire programs that kids’ need to be safe, healthy and succeed. Take action! The I'm Counting On You! Virtual Rally is happening now. 

Check it out and join now! 

You can print and share this flyer - also available in spanish.

There are three ways you can join the rally: 

Option 1: Add your picture

Take a photo of yourself – or take a photo of your kid(s) (with or without you in it) holding a sign that says “I’m counting on you”. You can make your own sign or download and print this one.

E-mail your picture to us.  In your e-mail include the following: Your name and the city or town you live in, if you want that information included. By sending in your picture you are agreeing that we can post it on our website as part of the  “I’m Counting On You” virtual rally.

Option 2: Tell your story

Click here to add your story to the growing virtual rally. You can read other stories too.

Option 3:  Tell your story with video

Do you have a video camera – or a digital camera that can take a short video? We’ll put your video on the website as part of the virtual rally. Here is what we are looking for:

  • A short video – 1 minute or less: short is sweet. If you have something longer please send it – as long as it’s ok with you if we edit it.
  • Kids and youth - The faces and voices of kids and youth will have the greatest effect on lawmakers. Focus the camera on your kid (or yourself if you are a youth sending in your own video). Get close – we want it to feel personal.

When you're done, send in your video via e-mail or via postal mail. If you have any questions, or want some help with your video – contact the Children's Alliance Online Communications staff person Siobhan Ring.