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Paid Family and Medical Leave WA Work and Family Coalition Fact Sheet

Paid family and medical leave would allow workers to take the time they need for a new child or when a serious health condition strikes. Life is unexpected, but the predictability of paid family and medical leave can help. Download the complete fact sheet (PDF). 

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Paid Family and Medical Leave: Invest in the Early Years Fact Sheet

Access to paid family and medical leave strengthens our state's investments in high-quality programs (like preschool and childcare), helps close the opportunity gap, and makes it possible for all children and family to thrive. Download the complete fact sheet (PDF).

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Home Visiting 2017-19 Budget Request Fact Sheet

Home Visiting: Improves Lives, Saves Money.

2017-19 Budget Request
Invest $2.7 million in state funding to sustain 210 slots a year ($1.4 million) and expand to an additional 180 slots in 2018-19 ($1.3 million). Download the complete fact sheet (PDF).


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ECEAP Focus on the Power of Preschool

Why has Washington committed to expanding our nationally respected Pre-K program? Because decades of research, including our own Washington State Institute for Public Policy, has shown that it closes race and income gaps, reduces costs in K-12, and puts children on the path to becoming healthy and self-sufficient adults that can strengthen our economy. Download the complete fact sheet (PDF). 

ECEAP Focus on Outcomes Fact Sheet

National research shows sizable short and long term outcomes of high quality preschool. ECEAP serves our state’s most at-risk children – families below 110% of the federal poverty line, homeless,children with disabilities, and involvement in the child welfare system. ECEAP staff work with children in the classroom to get them school-ready, and work with parents to ensure the child’s health, strengthen parenting skills, and help families to do what is needed to move out of poverty and support their child’s health and education. The results are impressive, and they last.