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ReadyNation Fact Sheet on ECEAP

ReadyNation Fact Sheet on ECEAP

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Mission: Readiness Fact Sheet on ECEAP

Mission: Readiness Fact Sheet on ECEAP

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Support Expanding Bilingual Education in Washington State - One Pager on Dual Language

Support Expanding Bilingual Education in Washington State
Early Learning Specifics of this bill include:
• Support bilingualism from an early age and expand the number of dual language early learning programs, grants will be
made available to childcare providers and ECEAP programs. These dual language programs will provide content-based
instruction to students in two languages: English and a target language other than English spoken in the local community,
for example Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, native languages, or indigenous languages.

2019 Home Visiting One Pager

2019 Home Visiting One Pager

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Questions to Ask Candidates for the Washington State Legislature

State lawmakers can take important steps to improve kids’ lives in the 2019 state legislative session. Candidates for the Washington state legislature will make critical choices for our kids if they are elected in November. Their choices can help kids have great childhoods and grow up strong, and advance racial equity and opportunity for all our kids. Here are five questions for candidates for the state legislature about Children’s Alliance 2019 priorities for Washington’s children, youth and families. 

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Vote for Kids!  Statewide ballot measures in the 2018 election

Children’s Alliance has taken the following positions on statewide ballot measures. 

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2019 Legislative Agenda

We believe in the potential of every child. Poverty and racism erode kids’ opportunities. Our 2019 legislative agenda (PDF) reflects smart public policies that remove barriers and create opportunity—so all kids can thrive.

Early Learning to Help Kids Succeed: More infants, toddlers and preschool-age children should have the quality experiences that set them up for success in school. 

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Interview: Trump's Changes to Public Charge (Español)

This July 29 interview with Northwest Immigrant Rights Project deputy director Malou Chavez describes the Trump Administration's plans to broaden the "public charge" rule as it applies to immigrants seeking lawful permanent residency. Listen now (mp3).

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2018-19 Annual Policy Campaign Goals

Adopted at the July 11, 2018 Board of Directors meeting (PDF)

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