Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Working Connections Child Care – Center Based Rates CCA Fact Sheet


From Child Care Aware

Low Reimbursement Rates Undermine High-Quality Early Learning
Investing in high-quality early learning is the best investment our state can make. Unfortunately, WA’s Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) reimbursement rates have declined so much (as low as 30% of private rates) that child care businesses struggle immensely to provide high-quality care. If rates do not increase this year, many programs will be forced to stop serving low-income families or even shut down, low income families will suffer from reduced access to care, and more children will not be prepared for school.

We call on the legislature to fund the cost of quality child care by investing $85.5 million into WCCC child care center reimbursement rates. Read the full fact sheet (PDF).