Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Vote YES on Initiative 1433: Raise Up Washington

Better wages and access to paid sick leave stabilize families and help kids grow up healthy and strong. One in five children in our state live in poverty and face long-term barriers to success in school and in life. Family-friendly workplace policies move us closer to ending childhood hunger and poverty. When crafted well, such policies are also a step toward racial equity, as people of color disproportionately hold low-wage jobs without paid leave benefits.

More than 88,000 kids in Washington have a parent earning less than $10 per hour. We believe that a family wage needs to be at a level that sustains a family.  

No child should have to go to school hungry, and every child deserves to be cared for when sick. Raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid leave ensures that families are a step closer to opportunity and prosperity. 

We urge a YES vote on Initiative 1433.

To join the campaign, or for more information see the web site for Raise Up WA or join them on Facebook.

Download a copy of our statement.