Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Vote for Kids!  Statewide ballot measures in the 2018 election

Children’s Alliance has taken the following positions on statewide ballot measures. 

Initiative 1631: YES
While climate change affects everybody, existing disparities mean that people of color and low-income communities are both more likely to be affected by new climate realities—and children in these communities are especially vulnerable. I-1631 addresses the disproportional climate impact, and would fund programs that foster an equitable transition to clean energy. By making investments that prioritize the health of our communities and good local jobs, we can ensure a sustainable future for the next generation. Vote YES. 

Initiative 1634: NO
Despite statements from the proponents, I-1634 does nothing to keep our food affordable. The big beverage corporations backing Initiative 1634 are trying to strip away the rights of local communities to raise money for essential public health services by prohibiting taxes on items like soda. Denying local communities the freedom to raise money for their local needs is bad for kids. Our kids deserve communities with autonomy over their own health, and policies that support equitable health outcomes. Vote NO. 

Initiative 1639: YES
Gun violence has enormous consequences for children—especially  for children of color. Incidents of violence play a large role in determining whether every child has the same opportunities to grow up healthy and live in healthy communities. Mass gun violence in recent years has been overwhelmingly targeted at kids in schools. Initiative 1639 acknowledges the specific dangers semiautomatic assault weapons pose for children. By restricting the purchase and ownership of such firearms, I-1639 is a positive step to address an urgent problem of public safety and health. Vote YES.

Initiative 940: YES
Here in Washington and across the nation, police incidents of deadly force have inflicted trauma and heartbreak on children from all walks of life—especially children of color.
The loss of a loved one poses clear hazards to a child’s lifelong health and well-being. Black, Latino, and Native American communities are disproportionately policed and impacted by deadly force. As a result, children of color are coping with the fear of an adverse encounter with a police officer. We all are safer when we can be confident in the skills and judgment of our public servants. Initiative 940 will help give police the tools they need to contribute to strong communities. Vote YES.

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