Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Testimonials from across the state: “How is Apple Health for Kids vital to you, your kids, or your community?”

“I work at WIC in Whatcom County; almost all the kids we see have Apple Health. We help parents keep up to date with getting well-child checks, immunizations and dental care for the kids. Parents and kids need access to medical and dental care to address issues before they become problems. Healthy kids become healthy adults, and that makes a healthy community.”

—Wendy Porter, Sumas

“I don’t have a job and there is no way I could afford to take my child to the doctor’s. I also have a child with special needs and he needs his evaluations, mental health care, and referrals that he would not get if we didn’t have Apple Health.”

—Amy Roark, Washougal

 “When my husband was in between jobs and insurance, and my job did not offer me coverage, Apple Health was a better choice for our daughter’s care. It is a vital option for today’s families, no matter what their background, but especially for those who are struggling.”

—Candice, Bellevue

“I work full-time as a single mother, and the insurance option offered by my employer to cover the cost of my child is incredibly high and would impact our budget greatly. Paying an affordable monthly rate through Apple Health for Kids has ensured that my child has remained covered even when I changed jobs.”

—Kathryn Brown, Walla Walla

“I have been keeping my children up-to-date with dentist visits, immunizations and their physical exams. When they’ve been sick, I no longer hesitate to run to the ER and have them checked. This means everything to me.”

—Claudia Franson, Vancouver

“As self-employed parents, we pay for our own insurance out of pocket, and our premiums are more than our monthly mortgage. Without Apple Health we would need to pay even more to ensure that our daughter gets the ongoing preventative care she needs to stay healthy.”

—Erin, Seattle

“One of my children is special needs and needs regular medication to function. Apple Health covers my child’s medication costs and doctor visits. Without this coverage and medication my child will have a lot of trouble taking part in everyday normal activities.”

—Jeremiah Donier, Freeland

 “My granddaughter has ADHD and needs her medication to be successful in school. Without Apple Health, her mother would be unable to fill her prescription or continue her care and counseling sessions.”

—Rose Tiller, Oakville

“I am the sole grandparent kinship caregiver for my 12-year-old grandson, with permanent third-party custody of him. I am on Medicare. Without Apple Health for Kids, I would not have health insurance for my grandson.”

—Alice Doyle, Seattle

 “I am a school nurse and have worked connecting families with health care for more than 25 years. No parent should ever have to choose between buying food or getting health care for their child.”

—Sarah Day, Vashon

 “We have third-party custody of our grandchild. My husband’s employer doesn’t consider her our dependent unless we legally adopt her. They will not allow us to add her to our health plan. Apple Health pays for her health care, thank God, because we couldn’t pay for her insurance privately.”

—Cathie, Kennewick

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