Heart Day 2015

Talking about Racism and Bias: Resources for parents and caregivers

Racialized rhetoric propelled President Trump’s harmful policy ideas toward the White House. Now, many of those ideas endanger kids in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and faith communities.

Parents and caregivers face the daily challenge of how to support kids in the midst of racialized rhetoric and bias incidents. Here are some resources that may help. Not all resources will fit each person or situation. Please exercise your own judgment and use what works for you.

  • Talking to Children after Racial Incidents is an accessible and eye-opening conversation with Howard Stevenson, PhD, clinical psychologist, professor, and expert in racial literacy. This resource provides information for talking to kids across the age range.
  • How to Talk with Kids about Hate Speech is a website created by educators, psychologists, lawyers and organizers. It includes a framework for understanding how kids learn about race, and many resources you can use to be a support to kids and youth in your life.
  • Leave a Positive Footprint is an inspiring and accessible short video from the organization Not In Our Town. It features middle-school kids in one school who found a way to support and protect each other. This is a good video to watch with kids and talk about afterward.