Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

STATEMENT BY ELAA: Response to Governor's Budget Proposal

Governor Inslee’s budget is good for kids and addresses the tremendous impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on WA’s early learning system and families. 
This budget raises eligibility for Working Connections Child Care, easing the high cost of care for thousands of families, and expands quality pre-K through the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. These are needed steps towards full-scale expansion needed to dramatically increase access to high quality care across the state.
It helps stabilize the child care system by making health care more affordable for thousands of dedicated child care professionals, so they can do their vital, frontline jobs, a good first step in investing in a workforce that is made up heavily of women of color and too long-under compensated.   
It provides continued emergency relief to child care businesses, which must survive this recession so parents can return to work.  
And it gets more parents the resources, information, and services to support their children’s overall development through voluntary home visiting services. 
These investments are only possible through robust, stable, progressive revenue—and the Governor has included this, in the form of a tax on capital gains by wealthy households.  And, they start to address creating a more equitable and racially-just early learning system.
We look forward to partnering with legislators to pass a strong state budget for Washington’s earliest learners, so that all children have what they need to thrive in their first five years.