Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Policy Analysis framework for 2019 Legislative Agenda items

PDF version

Proposed 2019 Legislative Session Priority

ADD 2-3 sentence description of the proposed priority and include links to online resources.

  1. Why is this proposal good for Washington’s kids?
  2. Why is this proposal good for racial equity?  
  3. How does Children’s Alliance leadership on this issue advance our organizational racial equity goals?
  4. Is the proposal consistent with the Board of Directors’ adopted annual policy goals?
  5. With whom did you consult to develop this proposal? Who are potential partners that are not currently engaged in the issue?
  6. What is the degree of ownership of the issue in communities of color?  What organizations in communities of color are working on the issue?
  7. What are potential unintended consequences of Children’s Alliance’s prioritization of this issue and this proposal?
  8. Is this proposal specifically designed to reduce racial disparities or prevent disparities from worsening, or is reduced racial disparities a hoped-for outcome of a broader-based policy? What evidence do we have that reduced racial disparities will occur?
  9. Is this proposal a remedy to an historical injustice?
  10. What additional information do we know about the broader social, historical or political context for this proposal?
  11. What parts of the Children’s Alliance Racial Equity Theory of Change does this proposal fit into?
  12. Does the proposal have a statewide impact?
  13. What is the population-level result for kids that the proposal is aimed at achieving? What do we know about the demographics of children affected? What missing data or information would be helpful?
  14. Does this proposal continue existing work of the Children’s Alliance or is it a new area for us?
  15. What other organizations/coalitions in Washington are prioritizing this proposal for the upcoming legislative session?
  16. How does this proposal fit into a larger theory of change for the issue overall?
  17. If we win, what are the implementation advocacy expectations? Is the agenda for implementation significant? Do we have the resources to follow through?
  18. Who are the legislative champions on this proposal?
  19. Does the proposal require an appropriation? If so, approximately what is it for the coming biennium and for the four-year outlook?
  20. What are the arguments for the proposal?
  21. What are the arguments against the proposal?

(Note: many of the questions above are designed, when looked at together, to answer questions of viability in the legislative arena.)