Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Learn, Love, Lead! e-mail series

In our Learn, Love, Lead! email series, we show what we can do together to protect and support Washington's children from new federal threats. Each week, we provide a resource you can learn from and share, or an action you can take to be the leader kids are counting on.

Whether you and your family are targeted by rising hate or a particular policy, or you want to act in solidarity with children and families in your community, we are here to support your actions to protect kids’ well-being and happiness today, and help them grow into their enormous potential.

These resources will be tools you can use; quick and clear analysis of threats to kids, strategies to fight hate and take care of each other, stories that show how policies affect kids and their families, resources to fuel our work together for racial equity, and stories of action and courage to inspire and sustain you.

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