Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Initiative 1107 would worsen state deficit

Children's Alliance opposes Initiative 1107, an initiative to the state ballot in 2010. 1107 rolls back revenue that is supporting critical health and education services in Washington State. The campaign to oppose Initiative 1107 released this statement in response to the State's analysis of the financial implications of Iniative 1107.

"The Washington State Office of Financial Management issued an
independent fiscal analysis late yesterday that confirms that Initiative 1107, backed with millions from the American Beverage Association, would make Washington's deficit worse by stripping the state of more than $350 million dollars of funding for core services over the next five years.

In addition to losses to the general fund which pays for education, health care and other core services, passing I-1107 would reduce revenue for small cities and local governments by an additional $83 million, and cut funding for state performance state audits as well over the same period."

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