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Early Learning Action Alliance Provides Analysis of 2010 Legislative Session: Budget, Pre-K Timeline and Session Review

These three documents from the Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA) provide detailed review of key accomplishments in the 2010 WA state legislative session.

Early Learning Action Alliance 2010 Session Review

Provides a review of each ELAA priority and advocacy results. Includes information about  HB2731, SB 6759, HB 2867, and HB 3141.

Early Learning Action Alliance Budget Update - April 2010

Provides a detailed review of how early learning fared in the state budget. Includes detail by program and brief summary of impact.

Early Learning Action Alliance - Planning for statewide voluntary early learning

Provides a timeline and overview of the process for the implementation of a statewide program of voluntary early learning, as outlined in SB 6759 and HB 2731. 

Early Learning Action Alliance - Review of Early Learning Votes in 2010 WA State House and Senate

Provides a table of every early learning vote by members of the WA State House and Senate during the 2010 legislative session.



For more information regarding these documents contact Leslie Dozono, Children's Alliance Early Learning Policy Coordinator.