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2018-19 Annual Policy Campaign Goals

Adopted at the July 11, 2018 Board of Directors meeting (PDF)

According to the Children’s Alliance “Taking Positions” protocol, the Board of Directors sets the “annual policy campaign goals” of the Children’s Alliance for the coming year (in this case, 2018-19). The annual policy campaign goals are the basis for the annual legislative agenda, however, they are not the agenda itself. The legislative agenda is set by the Executive Director. The legislative agenda contains the details of our legislative asks in each area in which we have a policy campaign. We intend to adopt a 2019 legislative agenda in early September.

The annual policy campaign goals are intended to answer the question, “In the next year, what are the general policies that we want to advance in each issue area of our work?” The annual policy campaign goals should be consistent with our staffing, resources/adopted budget, and strategic direction (racial equity oriented public policy is one aspect of strategic direction). As further context, there are three levels of decision-making for what constitutes that majority of our policy work :

  1. The Board establishes multi-year campaigns. Currently these are early learning, health, childhood nutrition (not resourced), and revenue. Note: It has been several years since we considered the question of multi-year campaigns at the Board level. Staff proposes that we consider this question in the early spring of 2019, as precursor to the FY 2020 organizational budget. 
  2. The Board approves annual policy campaign goals (the subject of this document)
  3. The Executive Director approves an annual legislative agenda, after recommendation by the Public Policy Council. 

Annual Policy Campaign Goals for 2018-19

Early Learning

We will advance early learning policy and investments that close the opportunity gap for children in low-income families and children of color. This includes:

  • Continued implementation advocacy on racial equity elements of the Early Start Act; 
  • Funding and policies across the birth-five continuum that promote quality and access; and 
  • Policy development and advocacy on child care access, affordability, and workforce compensation. 

Family and Community Health

We will protect full children’s health coverage and access as we increase our attention to health equity via measures that improve family and community health. This includes:

  • Advocacy for policies to improve children and family oral health access and outcomes through the expansion of dental therapists in Washington; 
  • Advocacy for effective implementation of the newly enacted COFA Islander Health Care program; and 
  • Policy development and advocacy for improvements in the COFA Islander Health Care program, including dental coverage.  


We will advocate for new state revenue via closing existing tax preferences and adopting new revenue sources.