Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

2009-2011 Proposed Budget Information

Proposed Budget information:

To see budget details visit the Washington State Office of Finanical Management.

Read more about the preservation of health coverage for kids in the proposed budget.

Here is a list of some of the proposed budget cuts (in the 2009-11 biennium) affecting kids:


Eliminates continued funding for children in families between 250% and 300% of the federal poverty level to get Apple Health for Kids when they don’t have private insurance.

Eliminates the universal purchase program for children’s vaccinations which ensures that all children are able to get the vaccinations they need.

Cuts the reimbursement rate for pediatricians who care for low-income children further eroding the access children have to doctors.

Eliminates the outreach programs that get the word out to eligible children and their families and helps them get enrolled in Apple Health for Kids.

Cuts support for foster children who turn 18 including health care, housing assistance and extended foster care and health for young adults up to 21 years old. These programs were intended to eliminate the cliff foster kids fall off of when they turn 18.  

Dramatically reduces support for family crisis intervention services.

Reduces support for Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS), which serve foster children with mental, developmental, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.


Suspends implementation of the Family Leave Insurance Act and cuts initial funding to administer the program.


Suspends implementation of the child care quality rating system intended to help parents make sound decisions for their childrens’ care. (Effective immediately.)

Cuts child care subsidies, which helps extremely low-income families pay for child care so they can work. Families about 82% of the federal poverty level will have to pay more for their child care.

Eliminates the Council for Children and Families, including cutting all funding for home visiting programs, which support at-risk families who are going to feel even more stress during this economic downturn.

Cuts all state funding the WA State Child Care Resource and Referral Network, which helps parents find care and provides extensive support and training to early learning providers around the state.

Cuts all state funding for the Career and Wage Ladder, which provides training and incentives for child care providers to improve their skills and stay in the profession.

Cuts all state funding for programs that offer support to parents, families and other caregivers of very young children.

Eliminates the Family Policy Council and Community Networks, which work to prevent child abuse, youth substance abuse and other social problems.


Cuts 42% of costs in the Basic Health program through reduced administration, increased premiums for individuals and cuts to the benefit package provided.


Eliminates all state support for afterschool programs.


Cuts in half the Housing Trust Fund, which supports development of affordable housing for individuals and families.



Closes two community transitional houses for youth coming out of detention.