Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Kids Speak Up!

 It's time for legislators to hear from kids!


Since the start of the recession, budget cuts that now total over $10
have made kids hungrier, made health care and child care more
expensive and harder to get, increased inequality, and eliminated and reduced all kinds of supports for families. It's time to do better.

There is no tax loophole that matters more than a child.

Choosing kids means choosing revenue.

Washington State Legislators are faced with a choice: Kids, or outdated tax breaks. Let’s send them some opinions from the kids!

Videos, notes, and pictures from Washington’s kids and youth will definitely get our legislators’ attention, especially while they are neck deep in budget numbers.

This is an opportunity to connect kids to their own power to speak up for what’s right AND get our legislators to step up and choose kids over outdated tax loopholes!

In three simple steps, you can help a child speak up - and help a legislator remember what matters.

Step 1: Talk to a child or young adult you know about what is at stake for children and families in the state budget.

Step 2: Help that child or young adult (or group of kids) prepare a message to legislators.

Step 3: Send the message to legislators and share it widely!

Here's a guide of tips and resources to help you help a kid send a message to legislators.

Here's a Choosing kids means choosing revenue sign you can print out. Have a kid you know hold the sign, then take a picture, and send it to your legislators!

Children have a right to speak up for what matters to them. Legislators need to hear and see what kids need, now more than ever. Together we can help ensure that our legislators in Olympia pass a budget that chooses kids!

If you have questions or suggestions,  please contact Siobhan Ring, Mobilization Director at or 1.800.854.5437 x13.