Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Fostering Fairness for Kids

All foster kids should be getting what they need to lead successful adult lives. Today, they aren’t.

Kids in foster care get moved from place to place. They miss classes in school. They don’t get the education support they need. The flaws in our state’s child welfare system fall more heavily on children of color. Clear evidence shows that children in African-American and Native-American families are no more likely than white kids to experience neglect or abuse. However, these kids end up in foster care at a higher rate than white kids and stay longer once they’re there. Overall, children and youth of color in the foster care system end up with worse outcomes in school and health than white kids. We aren’t serving kids equitably.

The Children’s Alliance campaigns for laws, program changes, and funding to reduce the unfair burden children of color bear when they end up in foster care. Our aim is to make sure that every foster child in the state’s care gets a fair shot at life.