Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

What Next? What Kids Need From Lawmakers Now

siobhan 11/12/10


With the elections over, Children's Alliance is looking ahead at what lawmakers can do now to protect kids as families continue to struggle through economic hard times. In the Seattle Times and on TVW's inside Olympia we called on lawmakers to make wise and compassionate choices. 

In a Seattle Times Op-Ed earlier this week, Children's Alliance Executive Director Paola Maranan urged Congress to keep Working Connections Child Care intact for 36,000 Washington families. Her op-ed illustrates that failing to protect the Working Connections child care and employment program can only hurt kids, families and Washington state's struggling economic recovery. 

With Working Connections, working parents contribute a $75 monthly copay to keep their kids in child care. Without it, the out-of-pocket cost of $1,000 a month would cancel out their earnings...If Congress doesn't renew these funds this year…The consequences would extend well past our current recession.

Read the full article.

On the TVW program Inside Olympia, Deputy Director Jon Gould called upon legislators to protect kids. Watch a clip below and look for this great quote about the damage caused by across the board budget cuts:

"Meat axes are for butchers, not policymakers. We want smart, creative, and thoughtful solutions."

Watch a clip below, or see the full program on the TVW website.