Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

What does Apple Health mean for Zoe?

siobhan 03/09/09

Last Tuesday, six-year-old Zoe Osborne and her parents got a very special present in the mail: an Apple Health for Kids coupon.  For Zoe and her parents, the legislature’s directive to finally start enrolling families whose coverage was suspended earlier this year isn’t abstract.

For Zoe, going without health coverage since January had meant her muscles, knotted by cerebral palsy, began tightening up, putting her on the road toward debilitating deformity. Without health coverage, her parents, Darci and Gregg, couldn’t afford the physical therapy that helped stretch her muscles.  They couldn’t afford the occupational or speech therapies that were teaching her to stand up, to hold a spoon and feed herself, to expand the number of words she can speak and foods she’s able to eat.  They couldn’t afford the therapy that would teach her to climb into her car seat and ease the daily burden on Darci’s back.

Darci and Gregg did their utmost, cashing out investments made for Zoe by her grandparents.  But that money quickly ran out, and Darci and Gregg faced the prospect of watching Zoe backslide and her prospects dim. 

So Tuesday was a very happy day for the Osbornes.  Immediately Darci began scheduling appointments, and within days Zoe was making use of her new coverage. Darci tells legislators, “You made our year.”