Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

This is what advocacy looks like

siobhan 03/03/09

More than 300 advocates for kids showed up in Olympia for our annual Have A Heart for Kids Day. Together we rallied, we marched, we caucused and we made sure lawmakers knew that “Kids are counting on you!”

As Children’s Alliance executive director Paola Maranan told the crowd at our rally on the capitol steps:

“As we all look to how to provide for our families and our kids in these tough times, we know as parents that it’s going to take more than scrounging around in the couch cushions for change… Unless new revenue is added to the budget, we could find ourselves living in a state we don’t recognize. Entire programs and services that kids and families count on for safety, health, education and more will disappear. Kids will fall and we won’t be able to catch them.”

In fact, as we heard at Have A Heart for Kids Day, programs and services are disappearing already. Linda McDaniels from the Parent Trust told us that the Families in Recovery Network, which served 400 recovering families statewide, shut down on December 31st. We know there are many other valuable programs that are disappearing.

See the action in pictures and video. 

You can also check out media coverage of the day and a great story about experiences of the families from First Place School in their blog.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can still join the virtual rally by sending in a picture or story.