Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Two easy steps for kids, democracy

Christina 10/01/12

Has this ever happened to you?

You check Facebook. There is a video of a candidate saying something you found ridiculous. After watching the video, you frantically call the cat into the room and start ranting. 

Next, you tweet your outrage. Then back to Facebook, where another friend has posted a picture with a funny saying about this exact same video! So you share, and immediately feel better. It’s shared, retweeted, and seen by all of your friends.

Now everybody knows about your outrage – except for the candidate who caused it.

Your vote is absolutely important. The struggle by so many Americans to obtain and exercise the right to vote is part of our democratic national story. But without your voice, our story’s incomplete.

Having a voice means that you tell candidates what they can do for kids. Candidates need to hear from you, and you deserve to be heard.

Children’s Alliance can help you take two crucial steps to raise your voice:

Step One:
 Sign our petition to candidates for Governor. Petitions show candidates that there is a significant chunk of voters who care about kids. They can define what “caring about kids” mean so that after they are elected, we all have a better way to hold them accountable. And the way they can really work is when candidates hear from everyone who signed the petition after they are elected. And three months after that – and three more months after that.

Step Two: Encourage friends and family members to use their voice. Kids across Washington need a louder and stronger chorus of voices. Share our petition on email AND Facebook. Think of 10 people who care about helping all kids thrive – and convince them to speak with candidates, too.

We know finding ways to have your voice heard during elections season is not easy. But all the more reason to speak up. All the more reason for you to ask great questions, express your outrage, take control of your role in our democracy, and tell your friends how to make it better. Kids across Washington are counting on it.

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