Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Statement in support of the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act

Adam 02/04/15

We support the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act in the 2015 Washington State Legislative Session. It is a double win for kids.

Climate stability is good for kids. A warming planet, and related environmental changes, negatively impacts all life and particularly children and families with the fewest resources.

Since the onset of the Great Recession, the Children’s Alliance has placed new revenue solutions on the same legislative priority level as core needs like children’s health, early learning and child nutrition. The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act will raise state revenue by curbing the production of harmful emissions that hurt the health and well-being of Washington’s children.

The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act is designed to protect the lives of those most at risk of climate change. Children, here in our state and around the world, are most at risk of suffering the impacts of climate change. In particular, children in low-income families and children of color are least protected from the adverse consequences of burning fossil fuels and carbon pollution. For example, childhood asthma is one of many chronic diseases related to air quality and environment that afflicts low-income children and children of color at higher rates. Health is key to a child’s success and to creating a path to opportunity for all our children.

The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act shifts taxation policy from working families onto the state’s biggest polluters. We support the dedication of revenue to the Working Families Tax Rebate and other supports for low- and moderate-income communities.

We applaud the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act’s responsiveness to issues of economic and racial equality by including a policy approach and implementation strategies influenced by participation from communities most affected by climate change.

Finally, by spurring innovation through emissions reduction, the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act puts family-wage jobs and a stronger, more responsible economy within reach. That’s a legacy we can be proud to leave our children while we build a better world now.