Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Our work in Olympia in 2014

Adam 12/17/13

The Children's Alliance 2014 legislative agenda was finalized this week. When the 2014 State Legislature convenes in Olympia in the second week of January, we'll be calling on legislators to:

Fight Childhood Hunger

Food stamps are our number-one defense against childhood hunger. But state budget cuts have put healthy meals beyond the means of thousands of immigrant families. All children should have the food they need to thrive. Fully restore State Food Assistance.

Strengthen Early Learning

The years from birth to age 5 are a crucial time for children to gain the cognitive and other skills that help them succeed in school and beyond. But gaps in our system mean many children of color and kids in low-income families never have that opportunity. Advance early learning policies and investments that close the opportunity gap.

Expand Access to Oral Health Care

Washingtonians don’t stand by when our children are hurting. Today, too many kids in low-income households and children of color suffer from unnecessary pain caused by lack of oral health care. Mid-level dental providers are a proven, community-based solution to our oral health crisis. Authorize evidence-based mid-level dental providers to help build a healthy future.

Raise Revenue

State budget cuts have hurt all children, but cuts have been especially devastating to children of color and children in low-income families. A strong Washington needs common-sense revenue solutions. Raise revenue.

For a PDF version of our 2014 legislative agenda, click here.