Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Our work in the 2011 legislative session

Christina 07/06/11


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Late last year, the state’s economy was starting its tentative upward trajectory out of a recession that had driven more Washington children into deep poverty. Legislators convened in Olympia in January facing hundreds of decisions, each with the potential to help or hurt kids.

Over the following months, the choices they made had far-reaching consequences for the services we all rely on. By all accounts, this state legislative session hurt kids and families, especially low-income children, children in immigrant families, and children of color. 

Yet thanks to smart and persistent advocacy by the Children’s Alliance and our partners, some vital services for kids were protected. 

Together with families and allies, we preserved health care, child care, and anti-hunger programs that continue to make a difference in the well-being of Washington’s children. We:

1. Maintained access to Apple Health for Kids for all kids. Not one child lost health coverage. 

2. Saved a crucial source of food security from elimination

3. Maintained child care assistance that keeps kids safe and parents on the job.

Read our 16-page report about how our work this session, or watch this short visual presentation highlighting the results.