Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Our support for Seattle early learning initiatives

Adam 09/20/13

We applaud Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle City Council for their visionary early learning proposals.

The combination of universal voluntary preschool for all 3 and 4 year old children with high quality child care and parent support could significantly improve the odds of school and life success for Seattle’s youth.

All children deserve the opportunity to succeed. The opportunity gap currently facing children in families with low incomes and children of color is unacceptable. We all suffer when we leave some children behind. Bold and practical solutions exist with strong track records for results, such as high quality preschool.

We look forward to working with City officials, parents, early learning professionals and all community members on crafting policies that align with progress and policy at the state level and are focused on proven practices to eliminate the opportunity and achievement gaps.

Key elements for success, especially for achieving racially equitable outcomes, will be a variety of diverse and culturally competent providers, parental choice and involvement, prioritization of children with greatest needs, and high quality standards.

As we continue our work to ensure all of Washington’s children get a strong start, we applaud the City of Seattle’s intention to lead by example.

To get a printed version of our statement of support for Seattle's early learning proposals, click here.