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Media Digest 8-17-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 08/17/10
In this edition, you’ll find articles on state budget cuts to child care subsidies that provide Washington’s children with quality early learning programs while allowing their parents to go to work. You’ll also find articles and opinions on I-1098, an initiative on November’s ballot that would help fund education with a high-earners income tax. 
State budget woes strike welfare program I Associated Press I 08-13-2010
Fewer people will qualify for a state welfare program that provides child care subsidies and help finding a job under cuts announced by Gov. Chris Gregoire last Thursday. She said that at least $51 million is being cut from WorkFirst, the state’s welfare-to-work program, because while enrollment continues to rise, matching funds from the federal government have remained flat since the 1990s.
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Federal aid not stopping state budget cuts I The Herald I 08-12-2010
I-1098 would generate $11B over five years I Puget Sound Business Journal I 08-13-2010
If Washington residents approve Initiative 1098 in November, the income tax on the state’s wealthiest residents would raise $11 billion in revenue over the next five years. The state released its fiscal impacts statement for initiatives this week. For I-1098, which is supported by Bill Gates Sr., the state assumes the income tax on couples making $400,000 or more (or single residents making $200,000 or more) would generate $2.2 billion in 2012.
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The Wall Street Journal Is the Latest Paper to Get It Wrong On I-1098 I Seattle Weekly I 08-16-2010

Opinion: Home visitations pay off in keeping children safe I The Olympian I 08-15-2010

In Thurston County, we've recently seen a couple of horrendous cases of child abuse. One mother admitted putting a narcotic pain reliever in her 9-month-old daughter's bottle of milk to quiet the crabby child. Luckily the child survived. But this and other cases of child abuse have drawn the attention of Thurston County Sheriff Dan Kimball, who strongly believes that voluntary home visiting programs for new parents can help reduce the number of child neglect and child abuse cases reported in South Sound. It’s imperative that the governor and state lawmakers continue their funding of home visitation programs and aggressively pursue federal funding so that more families can be enrolled in the home visit program.
Editorial: Congress should be ashamed of bill that averts teacher layoffs | Seattle Times I 08-12-2010
Congressional lawmakers should be ashamed of raiding food programs to fund a misguided bailout for teachers. Known as the edu-jobs bill, the measure passed by Congress this week sends $10 billion to school districts nationwide to avert teacher layoffs. To come up with the cash, nearly $12 billion was drained from the food-stamp program and tens of millions more from the child-nutrition program that provides schoolchildren with breakfast, lunch and summer meals.
Editorial: Legislators short-changing early childhood education I Tri-City Herald I 08-15-2010
Legislatures big and small and legislators big and small have one thing in common: They like to make themselves look good at as cheap a price as possible. In Washington and elsewhere, that translates into a willingness to authorize programs that all agree are necessary and beneficial, but a reluctance to pay for them. There's nothing cheaper than to demand service without paying for it. This is particularly difficult when children's interests and education are at stake. And so it is with pre-kindergarteners in many states, including Washington. According to The Associated Press, states are cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from their pre-kindergarten budgets.
Rolling office reaches people who can't reach DSHS | Yakima Herald-Republic I 08-13-2010
Two new "mobile offices" -- situated inside large trucks -- began traveling to community events and neighborhoods across the state this summer, offering government help to those in need. The state Department of Social and Health Services received about $1 million in federal and private funding to purchase the vans, one of which is based in Yakima. The goal is to reach people living in rural and remote areas of the state who may qualify for public assistance but either aren't aware of the services or are unable to make the trip to state offices, DSHS officials say.
Seattle Superintendent Endorses PreK-3rd as Powerful Way to Improve Schools I Birth to Thrive Online I 08-12-2010
Seattle public schools chief Maria Goodloe-Johnson gave the PreK-3rd movement a boost today, endorsing a move to a PreK-12 system as the most powerful step education policymakers could take. “I believe that the single most powerful change we’re going to make…the one that’s going to have the largest and most long lasting impact on our kids…is to switch us from a K-12 system to a PreK-12 system,” Goodloe-Johnson said in draft speaking points to be delivered at an event in Seattle today. The event focused on Seattle’s draft plan to integrate prekindergarten and early elementary grades.
Report says state will lose money if liquor initiatives pass | Seattle Times I 08-12-2010
State and local governments stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars if voters pass either of two initiatives on the November ballot putting Washington state out of the liquor business, according to analyses by the state's Office of Financial Management (OFM).