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Media Digest 7-8-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 07/08/10

In this edition, you’ll read about kids’ limited options for learning and meal programs this summer. Studies show that summer food and summer learning are linked to student achievement. You’ll also find articles on how taxing soda shrinks obesity and on France’s standard of offering preschool to all children – a standard President Obama supports.

Learning and nutrition opportunities limited in summer months I Tu Decides I 07-08-2010
In the smallest Washington towns, learning and nutrition opportunities are usually available to students during the school year but not during the summer months. “The reasons why children cannot participate in summer programs are varied. Most children that qualify for these programs come from families with very low incomes, which forces both parents to work outside the home,” says Mariela Rosas, Child Mentor Coordinator for the Children’s Home Society of Washington.
USDA: Taxing soda reduces obesity I Horse's Ass I 07-07-2010
Why are Coke, Pepsi and the rest of the beverage industry spending millions of dollars to repeal Washington’s temporary two-cent per 12-ounce serving excise tax on carbonated beverages? Because, as this new USDA study confirms, raising taxes on sugary beverages does indeed decrease consumption.
French Preschools Aim To Please Toddlers, Moms I NPR I 07-06-2010
President Obama wants to make preschool available to every child in the United States. In Europe, universal preschool is a pillar of society, allowing women to work and kids to be socialized. In France, children start school at age 3, and 100 percent of three, four and five-year-olds attend preschool. So everyone starts first grade on an equal footing.

Opinion: Doing right by our kids is patriotic I The Herald I 07-07-2010

The American Beverage Association is pouring more than $2 million into I-1107, which would remove sales taxes from candy, gum and soft drinks. If passed, that initiative will suck $100 million a year out of state revenues. As an added bonus, while defunding education, this initiative will increase health care costs by accelerating childhood diabetes and feeding our increasing obesity. Is that patriotic?
WA budget woes: cuts can only go so far I The Spokesman Review I 07-07-2010
The state budget has an ending fund balance of about $450 million, which was going to be provided by the FMAP money. Gregoire said last week that she was willing to wait until Congress goes on its August recess to see if the two chambers can pass FMAP before deciding on what route to take. Without FMAP across-the-board cuts are a real possibility but a special session isn’t automatic, spokeswoman Karina Shagren said. The governor won’t call the Legislature back unless she gets some assurances they’ll be in and out in one or two days.
Special session only option to secure budget reserve I Seattle PostGlobe I 07-06-2010
Last week Governor Gregoire reiterated that if Congress doesn't provide the state with additional Medicaid funds (FMAP) by its August 9 recess she would be forced to call a special session or issue across-the-board cuts. Gregoire hasn't decided which option to use yet.
Opinion: Community group proposes new, shared priorites for future I The Peninsula Gateway I 07-07-2010
Our challenge to the group: What should be this community’s key priorities as we dig our way out of this severe recession? There are many things we’d all like but budgets are shrinking. What must we do? Or more exactly, what can we agree could make the biggest difference in our long-term future? Here are some of the ideas with the strongest support across all the teams: "Make sure all kids enter grade school ready to learn. Expand kindergarten and other early learning opportunities for everyone, especially families struggling with financial problems in this recession.”