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Media Digest 7-22-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 07/22/10

In this edition, you’ll read an Op-Ed co-authored by Paola Maranan, executive director of the Children’s Alliance, and Ingrid McDonald, advocacy director of AARP Washington, who sent a joint message to Governor Gregoire and other state lawmakers: Keep Washington’s values at the core of the budget debate. You’ll also find articles and opinions discussing ideas on how to address a projected $3 billion gap in next year’s budget. 

Opinion: The values in Washington state's budget | Seattle Times I 07-21-2010
As advocates for some of our long-standing shared priorities, such as caring for children and seniors, we hope that during this process, policymakers will be guided by our state's values — that we will protect priorities like education, health care and looking out for those struggling in this economy.
Opinion: Efficiency isn't the best way to evaluate government I Seattle PostGlobe I 07-21-2010
As the recession continues bumping along, tax receipts are continuing to fall behind what's needed to sustain public investments in education, health care and public safety. The governor has responded with a call for "transforming Washington's budget." As this "transforming" process heats up, we'll no doubt hear a lot about making government more "efficient," like the private sector. And that should raise a big red flag, because an economist would tell you that efficiency isn't really what you want to measure when it comes to governing well.

State asks for and gets lots of budget-cutting ideas | The News Tribune I 07-20-2010

If Monday's outpouring of opinions is any guide, there's an untapped resource for ideas to fix next year's expected $3 billion hole in the state budget: the public. Gov. Chris Gregoire's website on transforming the budget lit up with more than 80 comments in the first hours of its existence. There are no sacred cows, Gregoire said to start off the forum: Every program is on the table for changes. One thing people attending the forums aren't asked for is advice on how the state can find more money. "We're not going to be talking about revenue," Marty Brown, the Governor's budget director, said earlier in an interview.
Read about the Everett budget hearing in The Herald
Read an opinion by State Auditor Brian Sonntag on reforming the budget
Early Reading is Fundamental for All Students, But Progress Has Stalled I Birth to Thrive Online I 07-21-2010
Literacy is one of the biggest topics in early education partly because efforts to improve reading among elementary school students stalled in recent years, a new American Prospect series points out. The in-depth series looks at why too many kids do not read at grade level and why it matters.
"Teach Your Children Well" I The Huffington Post I 07-21-2010
The United States currently faces serious education and budgetary problems. There is a growing body of work that shows that high-quality early childhood development and education is a powerful way to help address these problems and lay a foundation for human and economic growth. Research shows that children reach their potential for learning when they have the experiences needed to lay foundational skills in their early years.
Kids and Dental Health: Rising Costs and Struggling State Programs a Dangerous Mix I The Fiscal Times I 07-20-2010
Let’s face it: A visit to the dentist doesn’t exactly make kids smile. But avoiding the dentist’s chair is not only costing kids their health, it’s costing their parents and the American taxpayer tons of money. A study from the July issue of Health Affairs found that one in four children under age 11 in California has never seen a dentist. Nationally, the numbers aren’t much better. A February report from the Pew Center on the States found that one out of every five children under the age of 18 goes without dental care every year.