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Media Digest 4-27-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 04/27/10
In this edition, you'll find an article touting the importance of early learning in school reform on the federal level. You'll also read about revenue bills the governor signed, with Children’s Alliance staff and Children’s Action Network member Sebrena Burr looking on, and more about the federal Child Nutrition Act, which is up for reauthorization and could help significantly reduce childhood hunger, ensuring that all children have access to well-balanced, nutritious meals. 

School Officials Group Adds Its
Support for Early Learning in Ed Reform I Birth to Thrive Online I
At Birth to Thrive we are keeping a close eye on efforts to
rewrite the defining federal education act, and it’s newsworthy when the
Council of Chief State School Officers puts its name on a report about
pre-kindergarten’s importance in school reform.
Gregoire signs revenue package I
Spokesman Review I 04-23-2010
Gov. Chris Gregoire signed two major tax increases Friday,
insisting the state had no choice but to raise taxes on a wide range of
businesses and consumer goods to protect key services. Children's
Alliance staff and Children's Action Network member, Sebrena Burr were
in attendance.
What's the Outlook for
Under-Nourished Kids? | I 04-25-2010
President Obama campaigned on a promise to end child hunger by
2015. It was ambitious then, and it's more so now that the recession has
pushed so many more families into poverty. Yet the administration and
Congress can significantly reduce child hunger and, at the same time,
help ensure that all children have access to well-balanced, nutritious
Who is Behind I-1077?: A Survey of
Some of the Major Players Who Launched the Campaign I Olympia Newswire I
Word went out on Tuesday, April 20 that “Bill Gates Sr. and
Other Community Leaders” were about to formally announce the first major
campaign to create a personal income tax in Washington state since
1973. But other than Gates, the people who spoke at the press conference
on Wednesday for the public launch of Initiative 1077 were mainly
people who supported the initiative, not campaign leaders
Progressive tax might make a
breakthrough in state I Crosscut I 04-23-2010
Advocates of an income tax in Washington, long accustomed to a
losing fight, are playing on a new field in 2010, and the filing of
Initiative 1077 on Wednesday (April 21) could be a breakthrough in
efforts to make the state's tax system more progressive.
Poverty, Class and the Recession I
Equal Voice Newspaper | 04-22-2010
In America, where we celebrate success above all, the worst
thing a person can be is poor. Since 2008, about 44 percent of American
families have experienced a job loss, reduction in hours or pay cut.
Nearly 15 million adults are currently unemployed, and even without the
most recent data from 2009, 14 million children were growing up in