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Media Digest 4-20-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 04/20/10

In this edition, you'll read about a bill introduced in Congress to provide weekend and holiday meals for the tens of millions of children who rely on school meals. You’ll also find articles analyzing the state’s final revenue plan, which raises nearly $800 million in new revenue to prevent cuts to many vital services for children and families.

School's Out on Saturday — School
Lunch Shouldn't Be | I 04-16-2010
Across the country, tens of millions of children rely on
government-sponsored feeding programs as their primary source of
nutrition during the school week. However, when school is not in
session, parents are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to
feeding their families.
The Democrats’ tax package was
poll-tested I Crosscut I 04-19-2010
Democrats in Olympia end up taxing Joe Six-Pack, since they
couldn't find other taxes to raise that poll well or could survive Tim
Eyman's initiatives.
Olympia's Balancing Act: Final budget
fix a mix of cuts and tax hikes I The Daily News I 04-17-2010
After 90 days of deal making, the Legislature last week passed a
tax plan that's expected to raise $794 million over the next 14 months,
and then adjourned. Supporters of the revenue package say it will keep
Washington great by, among other things, saving public education,
treating the poor and giving society's worst-off citizens food and
Tax Relief Without Budget Cuts?: New
Report Details How WA Taxpayers Could Save Hundreds of Millions I
Olympia Newswire I 04-15-2010
Washington state taxpayers are paying hundreds of millions more
in taxes than they need to, according to a new study from the Institute
on Taxation and Economic Policy and United for a Fair Economy. The
report, “Leaving Money on the Table,” which was released Monday, argues
that simply reducing the state’s sales tax and replacing that revenue
with an income tax would save Washington state taxpayers between $162
and $654 million.
Opinion: Washington helps some foster
youth with an educational pipeline | Seattle Times I 04-16-2010
The prevailing misconception about foster care is that it is a
broken system that systematically breaks children. What is too often
missed in incendiary news stories is the bubbling of promise in child
welfare across the country and embodied in an unparalleled educational
pipeline for foster youth found in Washington state.