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Media Digest 4-1-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 04/01/10
In this edition, you’ll find great articles delving deeper into the federal health reform bill and what it will do for kids, the latest news on state budget negotiations in Olympia, and an exploration of the intersections between childhood obesity and social justice.   
Key Piece of Health Reform Helps
Preserve Current Children's Health Coverage I Say Ahhh! A Children's
Health Policy Blog I 03-31-2010
It's appropriate that we are celebrating the passage of health
reform while enjoying the first signs of spring. With snow banks
receding and the sun warming, we happily anticipate the bounty of health
reform as we watch the early sprouts emerge.Health reform relies on
Medicaid and CHIP as fertile soil to yield a bigger crop of insured
low-income adults and children: 16 million more. Growth can only be
assured if we protect the coverage gains states have achieved through
current CHIP and Medicaid programs as we plant the seeds to provide
affordable health coverage for all.
Can someone please explain what’s in
the health reform bill? I MomsRising I 03-31-2010
Confused about healthcare reform and what it means for you?
You’re not alone! We’ve received a lot of questions about how women and
children will be impacted by the recent passage of healthcare reform.
So, with the assistance of our brilliant policy partners, we put
together a handy-dandy list of key components for children and families
in healthcare reform that will be implemented over the next few years.
UW Law School discussion on federal
healthcare reform -- and whether its constitutional I Capitol Record I
If you’re remotely interested in the lawsuit filed by Attorney
General Rob McKenna and a dozen others over federal healthcare reform,
watch this video.
Editorial: No foolin': It's high time
Gregoire ends budget deadlock | Yakima Herald-Republic I 04-01-2010
While legislators in the Senate plan on meeting today to pass a
few remaining bills and the House reconvenes Friday, there's little
indication that majority Democratic leaders from both chambers are
anywhere close to an agreement over how to patch together a gaping $2.8
billion hole in the general budget, which runs through June 2011.
Washington's $200 million question:
taxes or more cuts? I The Herald I 03-31-2010
UW Law School discusses the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Rob McKenna and the constitutionality of federal healthcare reform. The Children’s Alliance and other child advocates are urging Attorney General Rob McKenna to withdraw the lawsuit based on the belief that federal health care reform will not only provide the vital support that will allow programs to continue to serve families, but create a framework for care and delivery that will lead to a more efficient and effective health care system.
Reform Isn’t Enough: Time to Rethink
Public Education and Begin at Age Three I Birth to Thrive Online I
Improving the U.S. education system does not require more
reforms, but fundamentally rethinking how we educate the nation’s kids,
and that thinking includes starting public education at age three, the
Early Education Initiative stated today in a social contract for public
Childhood Obesity Is a Social Justice
Issue, Too I The Huffington Post I 03-30-2010
Childhood obesity isn't just a public health issue, it's a
social justice issue. It disproportionately affects the poor and
minorities. It's also one of those rare cases where the major domestic
challenges of our time -- education, health care, poverty -- intersect,
and where small changes can have a big impact.