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Media Digest 3-30-2010

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In this edition, you’ll read about three early learning bills Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law, and the opening of a cutting-edge early learning center in White Center. You’ll also find an opinion piece co-authored by Linda Stone, our senior food policy coordinator, making the case for the creation of a food policy forum to better coordinate food safety and food security initiatives, farm-to-school programs, nutrition policy and agriculture programs. And join us in congratulating our executive director, Paola Maranan, who is honored to be named one of ParentMap magazine’s 2010 superheros for Washington families.

Early learning bills cross finish
line I Children's Alliance No Kidding! Blog I 03-29-2010

Gov. Chris Gregoire signed three early learning bills into law  that will do big things to improve the lives of our state’s
littlest learners.

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state should support early learning programs I The Olympian

Gregoire signs K-12 and early
education bills into law | Associated Press

A hub for many child-care activities
opens in Seattle's White Center | Seattle Times I 03-28-2010
White Center's new early-learning center is a beautiful new
building outfitted with the best — with lots of shiny red tricycles,
all-wood tables and chairs and an art studio between every two rooms.
What happens in those rooms is, of course, more important than what they
look like.

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Opinion: Food forum bill deserves
support I The Spokesman-Review I 03-29-2010
Across the nation, people from all sorts of backgrounds,
including first lady Michelle Obama, are realizing we need to change the
way we think about food. One way that’s gaining momentum here in
Washington is the establishment of the Washington Food Policy Forum
(Substitute Senate Bill 6343), sponsored by Sen. Ken Jacobsen,
D-Seattle. Guest commentary co-written by Linda Stone, the senior food
policy coordinator at Children's Alliance, and Jim Baird, a farmer in
the Royal City area.
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Fight for Lunch Money I 
Paola Maranan: A 2010 superhero for
Washington families I ParentMap I 03-30-2010
It’s been tough lately for little kids around here. The worst
national economic collapse in 80 years has hit our state hard, putting
extra pressure on already-strapped families — and on overtaxed support
systems. ... But amidst all the bad news, there
is hope, and it lies with people who won’t let families fail. They are
people who toil, innovate and inspire; people who never give up the
struggle to make life a little better for children in our state. This
month, we honor 10 of these people. We hope you’ll be inspired by their
Gregoire offering new tax ideas;
banks, soda are possibilities I The News Tribune Political Buzz I
Gov. Chris Gregoire says she has suggested to lawmakers new
ideas for raising more tax revenues in an attempt to break the impasse
keeping legislators in Olympia. That includes renewed pushes for some
tax proposals that had fallen by the wayside in negotiations. Gregoire
would particularly like to see legislators tax soda pop and limit the
tax exemption banks get for home mortgages.
Showdown on the sales tax I Crosscut I
The Senate will probably not prevail over the House and Gov.
Gregoire, who oppose the sales tax boost. Majority Leader Lisa Brown is
trying to broker a compromise that is not another victory for Speaker
State Seeks More Oversight Of
Preschools I KUOW I 03-25-2010
Parents may not realize it, but there's a big difference
between preschools and full–day childcare centers as far as Washington
state is concerned. While childcare centers are licensed and inspected,
preschools are not. Governor Chris Gregoire wants to expand access to
preschool for all children, and set some government standards for
preschools as well. It's an alarming concept at some private preschools.