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Media Digest 3-25-2010

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In this edition, you'll read about a major boost home visiting programs got as part of federal health care reform.  You'll also find an article about the governor's warning that 20 percent across-the-board cuts might have to be made if state lawmakers don't balance the budget with new revenue, and coverage of a sweeping federal school lunch bill that commits $4.5 billion to child-nutrition programs over the next 10 years.

A little-known, big win for home
visiting in national health care reform | Children's Alliance - No
Kidding! blog I 03-25-2010
Tucked within health care reform, there’s a big win for kids and
families that you probably haven’t heard much about: $1.5 billion in
grants states will compete for over the next five years to improve home
visiting programs, which provide new and expectant parents with valuable
support services that help them get their children off to the best
possible start in life.
Gregoire warns of 20 percent cuts if
budget stalls I The Spokesman-Review I 03-24-2010
Gov. Chris Gregoire warned Wednesday that she could be forced
to make across-the-board cuts of 20 percent if the Legislature doesn’t
come up with a budget-balancing agreement. Gregoire expressed
frustration about the continued stalemate between the House and Senate
over a tax package. “They were here too long as of Monday morning,” said
Gregoire, who had initially called for lawmakers to finish the overtime
legislative session by last Sunday.
Sweeping school lunch bill clears
Senate panel I USATODAY I 03-24-2010
Senators cleared the path Wednesday for a final vote on
legislation to bolster the safety and nutritional value of school
lunches, including provisions to improve training for cafeteria workers
and to alert schools more quickly about recalls of contaminated food.
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 would commit an additional
$4.5 billion to child-nutrition programs over the next 10 years and
implement the most sweeping changes to those programs in decades.
Encourage Gov. Gregoire to sign TANF
bill (HB 3141) I Solid Ground Blog I 03-15-2010
Please take a minute to contact Gov. Gregoire and ask her to
sign HB 3141, which provides access to education and training for
families who are on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).
Getting this bill enacted into law will help parents focus on work and
training so that they can make sustainable changes in their lives.
Guest Commentary: Program giving
babies head start in life | Tri-City Herald I 03-21-2010
Due to budget cuts, the Benton-Franklin Health District is no
longer providing home visits for first-borns. However, the residents of
Benton and Franklin counties have afforded a new way for parents to
obtain information and services to help them with their babies. A
regionwide initiative called Our Babies Can't Wait was launched in
January 2009.
Local Educators Show How to Make
PreK-3rd Work in a New Book I Birth to Thrive Online I 03-24-2010
Three Washington educators took a leading role in the effort to
integrate early learning and the first grades of elementary school by
releasing a new guidebook this year that shows how to do it.
Essentially, “Making a Difference: 10 Essential Steps to Building a
PreK-3 System” is what it sounds like, a step-by-step plan on how to
make transitions from early learning to K-12 more seamless, effective
and connected.
Opinion: Fighting Childhood Obesity | I 03-24-2010
When First Lady Michelle Obama decided to launch the "Let's
Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity, she brought much needed
attention to a crisis facing millions of children. It's a special
concern for children of color because new research shows Black and
Hispanic children are disproportionally at risk for nearly a dozen
factors that increase their chances to be obese. But children of color
are far from the only ones in danger. Experts estimate one-third of
American children are currently overweight or obese, and these rates
have tripled among children ages 12 to 19 since 1980.
Opinon: In the best interest of
children | Auburn Reporter I 03-24-2010
All children deserve to be safe in their own home. When we are
worried about a child, we call on Child Protective Services (CPS) for
help. We count on child welfare workers to intervene and to keep that
child safe. And, we count on the agency they work for to give them the
training and tools they need to do this well. Children's lives depend on
it. This month, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
took an important step forward in helping their social workers keep
children safe. They introduced a new practice guide that gives practical
tips on how to intervene when domestic violence occurs alongside child
abuse or neglect. DSHS created the guide in partnership with the
Washington State
Un-Busting the Budget: The Impact
Health Care Reform Will Have on Washington State I Olympia Newswire I
The passage of national health care reform by the U.S. House of
Representatives was the best news that state Senator Karen Keiser
(D-Kent), chair of the state Senate’s Health and Long-Term Care
Committee, has heard all year. “I’m excited!” she says. “It’s the first
time all session I’ve been excited.”