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Media Digest 2-18-2010

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In this edition, you'll read about the Children's Alliance’s support for some of Gov. Chris Gregoire's proposals to protect services for children and families by raising new revenue – and our call for lawmakers to take even bolder steps to prevent devastating cuts to programs like Working Connections Child Care. You’ll also learn about a report that underscores how much high-quality early learning programs for infants and toddlers can help children prepare for success in school and life.
Governor's tax plan: an important step forward, but more needed I Children's Alliance NoKidding! Blog I 2-18-2010
Gov. Chris Gregoire has taken an important step toward
protecting vital services for children and families by proposing more
than $605 million in new state revenues, but much more is needed to
protect families and children in this time of crisis.
Gregoire: Raise taxes on bottled water, pop, cigs I I 2-18-2010
Higher taxes on things like bottled water, pop, cigarettes and
candy are part of Gov. Chris Gregoire's proposal to raise more than
$600 million to help avoid large cuts to education and social services. Advocates for the state's needy praised the governor, but said the tax increase proposal needed to be bigger.

More reactions to the governor's revenue proposals:
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House suspends I-960 tax rules I The Herald I 2-18-2010
After two days of heated debate spurred by a feisty Republican
minority, the state House has approved a temporary suspension of
Initiative 960, which makes it harder for legislators to raise taxes.
Child-care subsidy may be pared to trim budget I The Herald I 2-17-2010
Advocacy groups say the cuts to the Working Connections Child
Care program could result in fewer families being able to get child
care and also force some of the 760 licensed child-care centers in
Snohomish County to lay off staff or close their doors.
Achievement Gap Shows Up in Babies: Research Supports Quality Infant and Toddler Child Care I Birth to Thrive Online I 2-16-2010
Quality early learning is a powerful poverty-fighting tool
that helps narrow achievement gaps among children. Researchers spend a
lot of time focusing on those gaps in preschool, but there is not much
work on these divides in babies and toddlers, a new report says.
Selling Food Stamps for Kid’s Shoes I ColorLines I 2-17-2010
Eva Hernández opened the last welfare check she will ever
receive in March 2009. She is one of a growing number of people in the
United States who can’t find work in this recession but don’t qualify
for government cash assistance, no matter how poor they are or how bad
the economy gets. Unable to find jobs, kicked off welfare, women are
forced to sell food assistance to buy basic necessities.