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Media Digest 2-16-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 02/16/10
In this edition, you’ll read about thousands who rallied on the Capitol steps – several hundred of them from the Children’s Alliance’s annual Have a Heart for Kids Day – to urge state lawmakers to raise new revenue to protect health care, education and other services that are providing a lifeline to families during this Great Recession. You’ll also read about our success in helping generate media coverage of child care providers and parents speaking out against proposed cuts to the Working Connections Child Care program, which puts affordable child care within reach of thousands of families across the state.

No-new-taxes crowd meets on Capitol steps, followed by even bigger no-budget-cuts group I The Olympian I 2-16-2010

The anti-tax forces had hardly dispersed before an even bigger
crowd of students, unionized workers and others gathered with the
opposite message: The state should bring in more money so it can
preserve vital services.

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Proposed Washington day-care subsidy cuts draw protest I The Spokesman-Review I 2-11-2010
Angel Fairbanks of Spokane worries that if proposed cuts in
the state’s Working Connections Child Care for working families are
enacted by the Legislature, she will no longer be able to work. “I
would be forced to leave my job and rely more heavily on the state for
assistance,” said Fairbanks, a single mother, whose 5-year-old daughter
Angela attends day care three days a week.

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Gov. Gregoire signs the first laws of 2010 I Associated Press I 2-16-2010
Gov. Chris Gregoire on Monday signed into law a trio of bills
meant to trim state expenses and said she’s still finalizing a
tax-increase plan to rescue state programs from budget cuts.
Big Week for Taxes I Olympia Newswire I 2-15-2010
Governor Christine
Gregoire may release a revenue package to help close the state’s $2.8
billion budget deficit. She had promised to release a tax package after
the state’s latest revenue forecast that came out on Friday, February
12, and increased the budget hole by $100 million. 
Options for raising revenue I Schmudget I 2-15-2010
As a result of the Great Recession, important public services
-- like health care, education, and child care assistance -- face
severe cuts. These basic public services were already slashed by about
$3.6 billion last year. Taking a similarly unbalanced, cuts-only
approach this year would mean cutting vital supports for working
families to the bone.
House panel votes to suspend I-960's supermajority vote I The Herald I 2-14-2010
Lawmakers are moving closer to suspending tax-limiting
Initiative 960, something that majority Democrats need to do as they
prepare to release their budget proposals. After a more than three-hour
hearing Saturday, the House Finance Committee voted 6-3 to approve the
measure that removes the requirement that two-thirds of the Legislature
approve any tax increase.
Opinion: Suspending I-960 meets the needs of the people | Ballard News-Tribune I 2-14-2010
This Eyman initiative is so broad that it severely limits our
ability to close tax loopholes that no longer create the jobs they once
did, limits our ability to end unfair tax breaks for out-of-state
businesses that don’t apply to our in-state businesses, and even
prevents us from transferring funds that could save vital government
Communities of Color Face High Underemployment in Washington I Schmudget I 2-11-2010
As a result of the Great Recession, some 16.2 percent of
Washington’s workforce was underemployed in 2009. Today we provide a
deeper analysis of the new data, which show that underemployment was
alarmingly high among certain communities of color in Washington State
last year.
More bad news about racial disparities in healthcare I The LA Times Booster Shots Blog I 2-15-2010
Many studies have documented the fact that patients of color
are less likely to receive the same quality of medical care as whites,
and that those differences often translate to worse health outcomes.
The pattern holds up even after taking into account demographic factors
such as income, education and health insurance status.
Express Lane Eligibility: Time to Put On Our Thinking Caps I Say Ahhh! I 2-16-2010
Express Lane Eligibility (ELE) is a relatively simple concept.
There are millions of uninsured children eligible for Medicaid and CHIP
enrolled in other public programs, like school lunch or food stamps.
Since they serve the same populations and families have already
submitted relevant information, we can create connections between the
programs in order help more children access affordable health coverage.